North Carolina inshore fishing in the Cape Fear Region, in my opinion, is centered right here in Carolina Beach. The Cape Fear River is connected to Carolina Beach by Snow’s Cut which holds an N.C.state record of 20lb.8 oz. Flounder. The Flounder is one of the most sought-after inshore species of fish, the mild flavor of the meat is most desirable. Snow’s Cut is a really popular place to fish for Flounder for it does produce some really large fish, and on some days produces some good numbers. Everyone has their preferred method for catching large flounder some will say anchor up in the deepwater channel. My favorite method is to drift on the incoming tide, crank your baits up off of the bottom, to help prevent hanging up on the bottom. Snow’s Cut has a lot of snags, lost anchors, and cables, old fishing lines.

North Carolina Inshore fishing for Speckled Trout also takes place in Snow’s Cut, not too many people associate the cut for great Speckled Trout fishing. I can attest to some excellent trout fishing in the fall of the year in Snow’s Cut. When the finger mullet are coming through in big schools one after another that is the time to start to fish for Speckled Trout. I will anchor up just off the banks out about 100′, from the shoreline, my method is to light line the finger mullet with only a small buckshot lead or the smallest egg sinker you can find. Casting a Rapala X-Wrap plug will also produce some awesome fish, most of the fish I have caught are in the 4lb. to 5lb. range, large trout. The fall run of Speckled trout in Snow’s Cut will only last about 3 to 4 days then they will be gone.

Cape Fear River inshore fishing out of Carolina Beach is just a short ride out of Snow’s Cut. You can head North up toward Wilmington, N.C. fishing for Striped Bass or Rockfish, All along the way up to Wilmington the Islands and piers all hold Flounder, Speckled Trout, and  Red Drum. Last December I fished just off the Cape Fear River in the Brunswick River for a couple of hours catching both Striped Bass and Speckled Trout.

Cape Fear River heading South out of Snow’s Cut you have the Rock Wall running from N.C. Wildlife landing at Hwy 421 Buzzard Bay, this wall holds Flounder, Speckled Trout, and Red Drum. The inshore fishing opportunities are really numerous living here in Carolina Beach, I consider myself lucky to be living in such close proximity to the Snow’s Cut Boat landing, I  make only 3 turns out of my driveway, and I am at 220 Annie Drive the Snow’s Cut Boat landing. Buzzard Bay is also a decent place for inshore fishing which I fish on a regular basis, it seems to me that the fishing pressure has increased along with the setting of gill nets in these backwater bays have led to the decline of the Red Drum in these waters. I am hoping one day the North Carolina Fisheries Department will realize netting in these backwaters of the Cape Fear River is depleting the Red Drum.

I truly love living here on Carolina Beach being a fisherman it just has a lot to offer and is a great place to live. Check out this Video of Carolina Beach.

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