Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


I was searching for a product that could filter questionable water, in case of the hurricane where water supply could be shut down, or camping and needed to purify water from virtually any source.

My first test was water right out of the tap, Carolina Beach municipal tap water, filled the bottle first taste of the water was impressive, removed the chlorine taste water had a clean crisp taste.

The second test came from Juniper Creek in the heart of the Green Swamp in Brunswick county N.C. filled bottle directly from standing creek water, this was a real test of a questionable water source, the water tasted just fine drank about half the bottle that day, got home rinsed bottle and filter out, did not have any effects from drinking creek water.

Have been using the Sport Berkey water bottle on a regular basis now on my walks in the Carolina Beach State Park, this 22 oz.water bottle easily stores in a pack or dump pouch.

Turkey and Deer hunters will appreciate the ease of use of this water bottle it is quiet no more squeaky plastic water bottles.

The Sport Berkey water filter bottle removes or dramatically reduces a broad range of contaminants including pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. It also reduces viruses by <97%.

I also bought a Sawyer Micro Squeeze water bottle first with the S1 filter it also filters water well, for ease of use for me the Sport Berkey is my 1rst choice, with 640 refills of tap water,25 gallons of questionable water, this bottle will last a couple of years of regular daily use.

I do not go hunting now without my Sport Berkey water filter, for me, it is a must-have!

Cost as of today $34.95

Will be adding more Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews check back from time to time, Thanks Capt.Mike

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