NC  Southport Boat Landing

With more than 300,000 registered vessels in North Carolina, boating is one of the state’s most popular activities year-round. N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission provides more than 200 free Boating Access Areas (BAA) to over 100 different bodies of water.

Capt. Mike Dennis offers customers staying in Oak Island, Southport, Holdens Beach, southern end of Brunswick County to be picked up at the NC Wildlife boat landing on Fish Factory road. This keeps customers from having to drive to Carolina Beach, N.C. to fish with the Cape Fear Guide. When you call and book a charter with Capt. Mike always lets him know where you are located for we can set up pick a location closest to your location. (Oak Island Boat Access 4950 Fish Factory Road SE)

Capt. Mike Dennis offers light tackle spin fishing for Flounder, Red Drum, Speckled Trout in the backwaters of the Cape Fear River. The fishing area includes BaldHead Creek, Cape Creek, and the backwater flats known as Buzzard Bay. On days when the weather permits he offers slow trolling for King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel around Yaupon Reef. The Cape Fear River channel also is one of Capt. Mike’s favorite spot to troll for King Mackerel it produces some really large fish in the fall of the year.

Southport History

Southport is an amazing coastal town with a lot of Civil War history. After the Civil War, businessmen tried to create a major southern port here by combining river transportation and railroads. The name Southport was chosen in 1887 as part of that promotional effort. Though the town never became a major port city, it did gain telegraph service and a coaling dock for steamships.

NC Southport Boat Landing

NC Southport Boat landing

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Fishing the Backwaters of the Cape Fear River, and the creeks around Bald Head Island.