NC Wildlife Landing Carolina Beach offers a large parking lot for vehicles and boat trailers along with a few single-vehicle parking spots. The parking lot has ample lighting for early morning and night boat launches. A total of 81 boat trailer parking spaces with just a few single-vehicle spaces to park.

Capacity on Weekends

The NC Wildlife landing at Carolina Beach, N.C. on Weekends is running over capacity if you are wanting to park your boat trailer you should arrive no later than 06;30 or the parking lot will be full. I live just around the corner from 220 Annie Drive, I try to launch my boat at 06:15 am. and most weekends I barely can find a parking spot.

Patience & Courtesy 

Being patient at the boat landing is really hard to do at times. The sale of new boats in our area and the growing popularity of boating has really over crowed the Carolina Beach Wildlife Landing. You will see a lot of boat owners that have not learned to back the boat trailer yet it will take them a number of attempts before they even line up straight on the ramp. Every weekend I will see someone hit the pilings with their boat trailer or jam the vehicle up against the dock. What really gets to me you will have four people in one vehicle trying to launch a boat, no one in the group really has a clue what to do. I have recently started trying to give people some pointers to help them out, to speed up the process. I can almost foresee a TV episode on the boat launchings at Carolina Beach, N.C.

NC Boating Access



I have added a video to give a visual aspect of the Carolina Beach Wildlife landing here at 220 Annie Drive, Carolina Beach, N.C.

Capt.Mike Dennis  910-619-0928

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