NC Red Drum fishing can be done up and down the coast, the surf offers anglers the opportunity to be mobile and move to find just the right hole or tidal flow to locate the moving fish. When finger mullet or menhadden are swimming in the surf the Red drum can be spotted in the face of a breaking wave or even running in schools so large they turn the water to a purple hue, I myself have seen this occur in the winter months, around Lee Island.

The Tar Heel State is famous for its trophy-sized red drum that weighs in excess of 40 pounds, traditionally caught in the surf and sound between Oregon Inlet and Cape Lookout. In 1984, a giant red drum was caught off Hatteras Island that weighed 94 pounds, 2 ounces; aside from being the state record red drum, this is also a world record for all tackle. North Carolina has produced 10 out of 16 current world records for red drum” Quote from NC Marine fisheries”

Inshore Red Drum Fishing 
Red Drum also thrives in our inshore waters in the Cape Fear River, and its smaller creeks, and back bay areas just off the main river channel. These inshore fish can reach 30 lb. the class size which can be caught here in the Cape Fear area. Some of the hardest striking inshore fish are in the legal slot size which makes the Cape Fear River an anglers destination if he is in search of Redfish action, the Cape Fear Guide – Capt. Mike Dennis specializes in live bait tactics to land these fish, it takes a little more work to catch the live bait, but the results speak, for themselves at the end of the day!

Red Drum Artificial Reefs

Red Drum can also be found around the many artificial reefs within 3 miles of the beach, they can hit live bait or a piece of cut bait laying on the bottom. Red Drum will visit basically any structure looking food along the North Carolina shoreline. When I am fishing for flounders around the inshore reefs the charters often hook-up with an over-slot Red Drum.

NC Red Drum fishing can be done from the surf, from a boat riding along the surf looking for a casting opportunity, the winter months on calm days are a great time to try this. When fishing the artificial reefs for flounder, put a bait out on the bottom for the big red drum.

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