King Mackerel

King Mackerel Fishing-Capt.Mike

King Mackerel Fishing-Capt.Mike Dennis is what this report is all about. The time frame for this King Mackerel fishing report is late September 2021. I called an old friend of mine to go King Mackerel fishing down at Southport. We loaded the boat up, finally got on the water around 11:00 am.

We spotted the pelicans diving just off the Oak Island Lighthouse about a 1/2 mile off the beach. I brought out my 12′ cast net made one throw pulled back on the line, the net floated full of large menhadden. Everything was running smoothly and going accordingly to my plan to just have a great afternoon of fishing and have a few beers. I put the boat on course to Yaupon Reef, within just a few minutes we spotted about 30 boats out at AR-425.

Put the lines in about 500 yards before we entered the cluster of fishing boats. Fishing my 20′ Pathfinder with just two of us on board opted to run four rods. One line was set way back, another was set 25 yards in, from the backline, one set 25 yards behind the boat, the last line 10 yards back. Staggering the fishing lines in this pattern, helps avoid tangles when turning and covers more water.

Lines were all in, time for some music, set my phone to the Bluetooth setting, turned to the Pandora app, started listening to the Texas Red Dirt Radio station. King Mackerel fishing-Capt.Mike Dennis is time for a beer. On my charters, I do not drink any alcohol at all, but this afternoon was time to relax. The weather could not have been any nicer was not too hot, the sun was out bright with clear skies, not much wind at all.

Had been slow trolling about an hour, no strikes at all had not seen any other boats hooked up either. Tim spotted another boat with a bent rod, maybe we need to check the baits, to see how they look. Tim changed out all of the baits, with only one of them, looking bad. Fresh baits out, within just a minute the first Avet Reel sounded off with a long scream, turned around the closet bait had been hit, I did not see the fish, but saw a large swirl, on the closest line. This fish was burning line and headed offshore a sure sign of a big King Mackerel.

Click here to see the story play out! Hope you enjoy the video. Turn your volume up so you can hear the excitement on the boat. We went on to land a couple more King Mackerel one was about 25lb. another was about 13lbs. Tim and I just had a great afternoon of King Mackerel fishing it was getting on about 3:00 pm, we had accomplished, all we had set out to do, catch a few fish to eat, and have some fun fishing.

We had a really nice ride back North to Carolina Beach, N.C. on the Cape Fear River, loaded the Pathfinder Bay boat on the trailer headed to Island Tackle to weigh the big King Mackerel the fish was not 40lbs. but did weigh in at 35 1/2lbs. Fishing is a whole lot of fun, has been a passion for me since I was a young boy. When visiting the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina be sure to give me a call ask what is biting? I will give you a straight-up answer on what is biting here in Carolina Beach.

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