Cape Fear River striped bass fishing was exceptional only fished a couple of hours of the falling tide. First stop, no hits,2nd stop was great catching 5 stripers myself, with one of the other anglers catching fish just a fast as I was! Pulled anchor moved down the bank to find stripers and speckled trout to be mixed and biting, hooking fish about every 3rd cast. Pulled anchor again moving down the shoreline short distance landing stripers and speckled trout again, fish were two to three-pound size.

Striped Bass

Striped Bass Fishing Cape Fear River

Date & Weather

December 10, 2020 weather mild hazy skies with a light wind to begin with. As the afternoon progressed wind increased as a storm front approached.

Rods & Reels & Artificial Lures

7′ Spinning Rod sold by The Reel Outdoors ┬áTRO817S0 8-17 lb.test line HG19 I use this rod exclusively for all my charters. Reels use Penn Fierce 11 3000 series 15 lb. Ande line. Artificial baits used red and white mirror lure was the bait of choice with the Rapala X-wrap was working well also.

Preparing for a fishing trip

I cannot stress enough the importance of setting up your tackle before a fishing trip. This particular trip I had prepared my rods with the intended artificial baits mirror lures and Rapala x-wrap plug. The reason for this is the bite may start on the first cast, I was readily catching Cape River Striped Bass right from the get-go. One of the other anglers was watching us catch fish while he was trying to figure out which rod to use. Taking old bottom rigs off trying to find a lure that would work. Sometimes the bite will only last a short time, be prepared. Preparation can mean the difference in a successful trip and a dud.

If you are interested in Cape Fear River Striped Bass fishing you need to give me a call well in advance to try to plan a day when conditions and season are right. to catch fish.

Cape Fear Guide – Capt.Mike Dennis – 910-619-0928

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