Experienced Anglers Make For a Great Charter

Experienced Anglers Make for a Great Charter


Experienced anglers make for a great charter Mateo and his father are real fishermen they knew how to play the fish around the boat! The experienced anglers will land and hook most of the fish themselves making for a great charter and giving them a hands-on fishing experience, that’s what they want! I really like to have real fisherman on the boat, they realize what to do, every time we move to a different fishing spot. Pulling the anchor, putting up bait cutting knives, placing rods in holders, secure hooks on the rods, these tasks are essential every time the boat moves. This makes my job as an inshore guide a lot easier.

Weather Conditions

The ride south on the Cape Fear River was ideal a light wind always makes for a pleasurable charter. Skies were just a little hazy keeping the sun from beating down on us too hard. There is nothing like an early morning ride on the Cape Fear River slick glass water surface, the sun just beginning to rise over the tree line with an orange glow. Watching the pelicans diving for bait, the different smells, some good, others like Bird Island not so pleasant.

Fish Location

Finding red drum, speckled trout, flounder these are my target species. Locating fish means you have to understand the area you are fishing the flow of the tides. When tides rise and fall the area will appear different to you and also to the fish. I always try to explain to learn Buzzard Bay or any flat area you have to stay in the bay till the tide is dead low. Dead low waters will reveal the true channels, oyster beds, expose all sandbars. Low water will also show where the pockets of waters are, and where fish and baits will be holding in.

Experienced anglers make for a great charter, Mateo and his father Kut definitely fit the bill for being experience anglers, hope to see them again this year. Mateo received a scholarship from Coastal Carolina College for football, wish him well.

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