Fishing makes a great family outing, it will create a lifetime of memories for your child to reflect back on. When you take your children fishing things to keep in mind is the age of the child and their attention span. Set your charter up so the Guide or Captain knows the charter is for the children, you want to keep a young child busy catching something to keep him engaged. I like to start young children out catching croakers or Virginia Mullet a fish that he or she will get a lot of bites. You want them to have fun and learn how to cast, learn to set the hook. Patience is hard for a young child, that’s the reason you have to spend time working with them, you don’t want to keep them out in the heat too long, light-colored clothing and today’s modern fabrics that are UV protected and dry fast are great for adults and children.

Time to Fish for Virginia Mullet is normally in March try to pick a day the temperatures are going to be above 55 degrees. A boat ride at cold temperatures is no fun for adults or children. Croakers can be caught from May right on through the fall of the year the creeks close to Baldhead Island hold these fish in good numbers.

August inshore fishing so far is improving with every trip, we are catching red drum, flounders, speckled trout. The Cape Fear region has had plenty of rain which has limited the number of fishing days.

Fishing makes great family outing

Visiting the Cape Fear area you want to go wrong fishing with me I work hard on showing my customers an enjoyable day on the backwaters of the Cape Fear River.

Fishing is Fun

Lots of action on the last spot of the day, we left the fish biting!

Fishing makes Great Family Outing

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