Carolina Beach inshore fall fishing is here speckled trout have shown up, the bite was first thing in the morning yesterday really large fish! Spots are biting off the piers have had several good runs, surf fishing has still been a little slow usually the last week in October the first week in November is hot.

Carolina Beach Inlet in the fall of the year is a great place to fish when the waters have that clear green tint and the finger mullet are running in with the tide, that is the time to be fishing. This is the time of the year when the large Speckle Trout appear at Carolina Beach Inlet and they will be feeding.

Method of fishing can be to anchor up along the Northern bank of the inlet, within casting distance of the beach. You will notice the steady flow of finger mullet along the bank, this is a good indicator that the trout are here. I prefer to use live-bait the finger mullet are plentiful so why not use the natural bait. Some anglers still like to cast artificial lures, my father, when he was still fishing, was one of those anglers, he was an excellent speckled trout fisherman, his technique was to work the jig with a soft plastic tail really slow.

Snow’s Cut is another place where the fall inshore fishing can really be great, I have had many days of great speckled trout fishing in Snow’s Cut, normally I do not tell anyone about the bite till it is over. This is a really good place for trout fishing but not too many local anglers even fish for trout there. The late afternoon in the fall is a great time to spend a couple of hours anchored up catching large speckled trout.



Carolina Beach Inshore Fall Fishing

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