Catching Speckled Trout Carolina Beach

Inshore Charters Carolina Beach

Cloudy stormy weather was a big factor in this morning on the Carolina Beach Inshore Charter. The low tide here at Carolina Beach, N.C. was another contributing factor, therefore I had to fish the spots that were available. We started out trying to fish in Snow’s Cut, just no bites occurred, moved to Carolina Beach Inlet, tried drifting and anchoring up along the banks catching one small flounder.

Tide started to rise to the two and a half foot levels allowing me to go to some structure in the Cape Fear River. Pulled up to pilings really slowly using caution not to make any unnecessary noise. Once I had the boat anchored in the right position, I showed the young men how we hooked the finger mullet using circle hooks, gave them instructions not to jerk back or try to set the hook, just turn the reel handle a couple of times this would hook the fish.

Flounder seasonĀ did not open till the following day, sure enough, we caught and released a couple of keeper flounders. Looking back to the South I could see a big black cloud coming our way, so I slipped into my Frogg Toggs to prepare for the downpour that was coming. One of the young men on the charter hooked a fish and was reeling the fish in fast, slow down not so fast, I looked up and realized he had a big speckled trout. We netted the Speckled trout, about that time the rain started pouring down hard. I said bait em back up the trout were jumping out of the water, the rain was causing the speckled trout to bite. We managed to land 5 keeper Speckle Trout during the downpour. The downpour of rain I think made the trout start to bite!

The video below is fishing right here in Carolina Beach, N.C. Mother is taking her young son fishing with Capt. Mike Dennis

Capt. Mike Dennis offers Carolina Beach Inshore Charters for families and fishermen, who want to experience light tackle spin fishing. Target species are Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder.

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