Carolina Beach Inshore Charters

Carolina Beach Inshore Charters

Cloudy stormy weather was a big factor this morning on the Carolina Beach Inshore Charters. The low tide here at Carolina Beach, N.C. was another contributing factor, therefore I had to fish the spots that were available. We started out trying to fish in Snow’s Cut, just no bites occurred, moved to Carolina Beach Inlet, tried drifting and anchoring up along the banks catching one small flounder.

Tide started to rise to the two and a half foot levels allowing me to go to some structure in the Cape Fear River. Pulled up to pilings really slowly using caution not to make any unnecessary noise. Once I had the boat anchored in the right position, I showed the young men how we hooked the finger mullet using circle hooks, gave them instructions not to jerk back or try to set the hook, just turn the reel handle a couple of times this would hook the fish. On my Carolina Beach Inshore charters, I always try to observe the anglers it only takes me just a minute to determine if they need some personal help with casting or the proper way to hold the fishing rod. Over the years I have taught many children and adults how to properly cast a spinning rod and reel.

Flounder season did not open till the following day, sure enough, we caught and released a couple of keeper flounders. Looking back to the South I could see a big black cloud coming our way, so I slipped into my Frogg Toggs to prepare for the downpour that was coming. One of the young men on the charter hooked a fish and was reeling the fish in fast, slow down not so fast, I looked up and realized he had a big speckled trout. We netted the Speckled trout, about that time the rain started pouring down hard. I said bait them back up the trout were jumping out of the water, the rain was causing the speckled trout to bite. We managed to land 5 keeper Speckle Trout during the downpour. The downpour of rain I think made the trout start to bite!

Carolina Beach inshore charters with Capt. Mike Dennis begins by calling 910-619-0928 I personally like to speak with a potential charter to make sure they understand these are inshore charters, fishing for Flounder, Speckled Trout, Red Drum. It helps me to know whether the charter is for the children or if it’s going to be all adults. In order to book a charter, I require a $100.00 deposit on a credit card. Once I have the deposit that confirms the date of the charter, I then send a text message stating the deposit has been received. Date of charter arrival time,¬† and departure time and return time the address would be 220 Annie Drive, Carolina Beach, N.C. when picking up here at Carolina Beach.

The boat is a 2007 Pathfinder Bay boat with a new Yamaha SHO 150 h.p. this is a shallow water fishing machine capable of fishing the backwaters of the Cape Fear River. The boat is well maintained, clean, and fast. I have just recently installed a Power-Pole this aids in holding the boat in place in the shallow flats. Pathfinder Bay boats are rated # one for all bay boats for resale value. All aspects of the Pathfinder Bay boat were designed with the fisherman in mine, wiring, bait wells, are the best. I purchased the boat new in 2007 and it has performed and held up running from Carolina Beach on the Cape Fear River to the shallow flats around Baldhead Island.

Light tackle inshore fishing is a great way to introduce your children to fishing. Give me a call let me know that you want this charter to be about your children, enjoying fishing. I will set the tackle up for catching croakers in the calm water creeks close to Baldhead Island where they can catch croakers throughout the morning, with the opportunity for you to catch Red Drum, Speckled Trout, and Flounder. Carolina Beach inshore charters are about having fun on the water, in today’s world people are so busy, and the effects of Covid-19 have everyone on edge. Fishing is one thing that I have enjoyed all my life,it has a way of rejuvenating me and is a great way to enjoying the outdoors.

I have been running charters since 1996 both offshore and inshore, the last 14 years focused on inshore fishing for Flounders, Speckled Trout, and Red Drum. I bought my first new boat in 1982, and have operated boats all of my adult life. Over the years the number one goal for a captain is safety and the comfort of the passengers on board. Experience time on the water and dedication to the sport of fishing along with the ability to work with the public is what makes a true fishing guide. Over the years I have seen charter businesses come and go, many leave just because they realize just how much work and prep is involved in each charter. Fishing is hard work when you step on the boat in the morning at 07:00 am I have been up since 05:00 am preparing for the charter, catching enough bait to last throughout the morning. When the fish are not biting, moving to different spots in the flats and creeks where fish are biting comes from the knowledge gained from years of experience of fishing. When you think about inshore fishing in Carolina Beach, make sure you have an experienced guide the cheapest or what seems to be the most reasonable probably is not going to be the best experience on the water.

The video below is fishing right here in Carolina Beach, N.C. Mother is taking her young son fishing with Capt. Mike Dennis

Capt. Mike Dennis offers Carolina Beach Inshore Charters for families and fishermen, who want to experience light tackle spin fishing. Target species are Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder.

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