Red drum biting late July is almost a given in Buzzard Bay, Cape Creek, and Baldhead Creek fishing the last week of July, was really busy catching red drum in the slot size of 19″¬† – 21″ really hard fighting fish for their size. The water temperatures are normally hot this time of the year, the speckled trout bite has slowed catching on one occasion, which is still rare to be catching speckled trout in late July.

Finger Mullet Prevalent Bait 

Finger Mullet are usually in good numbers and schooled up in the heat of the summer. When spotting the finger mullet running the banks in a steady stream anchor up and fish that bank. Stay off the bank just within casting distance if you crowd the bank you will disrupt the bait and spook the red drum.

Cut Bait

Cut bait such as bluefish, croakers, even shark makes excellent bait for red drum. When I am using cut bait I normally go up in hook size to 2/0 Kahle hook by Eagle Claw. I have been fishing many times for red drum using finger mullet and the bite would be slow, but throw own a piece of fresh-cut bait, and have an immediate hook-up.


Fishing Is A Great Family Outing

Red drum biting late July!








Repeat Clients

I just wanted to say a special thanks to George Adkins from West Virginia he has fished the last seven or eight years with me, really love fishing with you and your sons!

Red Drum Biting July


I really do appreciate all my clients that return year after year fishing the backwaters of the Cape Fear River, Buzzard Bay it is a challenge to locate fish some days, but I do love the light tackle action!

Weather Conditions


Rain and more rain is in the forecast for the Cape Fear Region when this front finally passes out of the area give me a call at 910-619-0928.


I will work hard to put you on a red drum bite!

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