Light tackle red drum fishing in the fall.

Light tackle red drum fishing is my favorite type of fishing and is target the fish of most of my charters. The red drum strike most of the time is a thump, then a hard pulling fast run. Lot’s of the time when casting to a grassy shoreline the strike is immediate.

Date and Weather Conditions

Fished October 26, 2019, started catching bait in the dredge pond just before daybreak. The weather was just a little cool first thing in the morning, just a typical fall morning. The first throw of the cast net yielded large menhaden, kept a few for cut bait. Found the finger mullet up against the grass several cast later bait well was full, headed south to muddy slough. The ride south was just a bit cool, the river was calm making for a beautiful morning, the first stop I fished my high water spot, saw several drums pushing water in the tall grass reeds.

Rods Reels Tackle

My spin fishing rod of choice is the TRO 817S0 7′ 8-17 lb.test line HG19 sold by The Reel Outdoors out of Emerald Isle, N.C. Penn Fierce 11 3000 series spinning reel. I use strictly Ande line 15 lb.test to spool the reel with a 5′ piece of Ande 30 lb. test for abrasion resistance fishing around so many oyster beds you need that thick line.The standard Carolina rig, with a 1/0 Kahle hook.

Fishing Action

Set out finger mullet and cut bait, with the first strike on cut bait, had two or three hits before we hooked up on small puppy drum. I moved a little closer to the grass line where we caught several more small drums. Moved around a bit and Vince caught his first keeper red drum.

Call to Action

Want to enjoy the backwaters of the Cape Fear River, and enjoy live bait light tackle red drum fishing give me a call.

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