Cape Fear Guide Fishing Report

Cape Fear Lighthouse Information


Old Baldy

Old Baldy Lighthouse
Old Baldy Lighthouse photo by Capt.Mike Dennis

  • Location Bald Head Island
  • 1817 First year lit
  • Material dressed stone
  • Shape Octagonal
  • Height 100′ tall
  • Optics 15 lumens
  • Fresnel Lens Dispotion
  • Deactivated in 1930
  • Owned by the Old Baldy Foundation

Oak Island Lighthouse

  • Location Coast Guard Station Oak Island
  • 1958 Year lit
  • Material
  • Shape Cylindrical
  • Height 148′
  • Optics Lens DCB 24
  • Marking patern Top Black,Middle White, Lower Gray
  • Operational Yes
  • Can be seen 24 miles out from sea
  • Constructed by United States Coast Guard

Price’s Creek Lighthouse

  1. Completed 1849
  2. Constructed material Bricks from England
  3. Height 20′
  4. Walls 3′ thick
  5. Land is owned by Archer Daniels Midland Corporation

Fact from Capt.Mike Dennis the Cape Fear Guide - I believe that the only place on the East Coast of North America that you can actually see three different Lighthouses is on the Cape Fear River ! I am researching this information at the present time.