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Cape Fear River Red Drum

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Adrian Miller catches Red DrumTyler Drewer catches Red Drum
Bill Drewer took his daughter inshore fishing today along with one her friends,morning started out a little slow,at the first two stops,tide had not started to fall yet,my last stop,the tide had begun to fall,and the red drum bite was on ! Tyler Drewer and Adrian Miller both caught their first  red fish today,it’s always great to see children,really having fun on the water,fishing,can be a fun experience,and a life time memory.
The Cape Fear River is a great place to take children fishing,for it offers calm waters in the smaller creeks,and does not require a long ride out in the ocean to catch fish.

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Red Drum -Cape Fear Guide

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Happy Young Angler
Bruce Morcom charter the boat today to take his son and a friend fishing today,bait was a little hard to get first thing this morning,but I kept casting the net till the bait well was full. My first stop yield no bites, except for crabs, after about 15 minutes,I moved to my second hole.
It did not take long at all, the first bait hit the water and wham! hooked up with a red drum,nice slot size fish.
We landed that fish,and put out another line,wham another red drum,this fish gave a real good fight,before we could land the fish we had,another red fish on.double hook ups,landed both red fish.Bite was just really hot we caught six red drum in about twenty minutes along with a large blue fish !
That is what the Cape Fear River red drum fishing is all about lot’s of action,man what a great morning of red fishing !

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